Sunday, February 21, 2010

My New Do!

I never said it was my natural new do! lol. I just got the Jessica Simpson bangs the other day and rocked it!!! Love these bangs. I can finally enjoy a new hair style without regretting it after wards.

You should have been there the first time Benji saw me wearing them. I told him I cut my hair that morning because I wanted something new. His first words were "I don't like it when people cut their own bangs." Oh boy, did all hell break loose! lol. I guess that was his way of saying "I don't like it". Oh ladies, don't worry, he paid for what he said. lol

Anyway, all that matters and that I like it! Hope you guys too. and if so, you can purchase your own here. From now til Feb. 28th, you can get a pair of Jessica Simpson bangs for FREE!!! Buttttttt, you'll have to purchase Jessica Simpson hair extensions to get the free pair of bangs.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Deos Winners!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the give-a-way! Here are the 7 random winners of the Deos giveaway contest. Winners, you won't know which head phone cover you get til you receive it in the mail. I know, sorry for the suspense!!! Anyhoo, Congratulations to the winners!!! And if your name wasn't mentioned, just keep checking back on my youtube channel for giveaways :D

1. hibajibawat
2. lalaBOLOGNA
3. robins1103
4. 06yuridia1
5. LatnGal1512
6. bunnadajaa
7. makemeelaughhh

Please message me on youtube your name, address, and parental permission if you're under 18!

If you're still interested in these headphone covers, they're also available at target! Thank you Deos for sponsoring this contest :D
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