Friday, February 25, 2011

Listening to my Daily Jam - Keri Hilson Pretty Girl Rock

I've been watching this video on repeat as I get ready for my day. All her different looks are so sexay! Especially loving the TLC look :)

Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh my Darling!

Playing around with more Sugarpill makeup! I chose a nice pop of teal to brighten up my eyes. This would look gorgeous on blue and green eyes too! I contoured by cheeks and finished off with nude lips. Try this look for yourself!
What I used...
 Sugarpill loose shadows
starting from top left: Lumi, Stella, Darling, Magpie, Weekender
 MAC prism blush

 MAC shadester sculpting powder

Revlon smooth nude colorstay lipstick

How to create this look:
1. Sugarpill "darling" from lid to crease
2. Sugarpill "magpie" and "stella above the crease
3. Sugarpill " weekender" to the inner half of your crease
4. Sugarpill "lumi" to your inner tearduct
5. MAC "rice paper" to your highlight
6. Black eyeliner winged out and to your lower lashline
7. Add false lashes to finish up the end

I'm wearing Jessica Simpson hairdo bangs in Ebony
Disclaimer: Sugarpill sent the makeup for free. I am not getting paid to use their products. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sugarpill Purple Smokes

 A simple, do it yourself makeup tutorial using Sugarpill Cosmetics, MAC, and NYX. You can always substitute with whatever colors you have at home :) After looking at these photos, I think I have to lay low on the setting powder. lol

What I used...

Sugarpill Hysteric loose eyeshadow 
 MAC beautiful iris eyeshadow

 MAC shore leave eyeshadow

 Sugarpill bulletproof eyeshadow

 Sugarpill Magentric loose eyeshadow

 NYX super skinny marker

 Model21 false lashes

 MAC gingerly blush

 NARS turkish delight gloss

MAC creme d nude lipstick

 Purple eyeshadow from lid to crease

Light purple to your crease and inner tear duct

Highlight with a soft white eyeshadow

 Create an outer "V" with black eyeshadow

 Blend the black eyeshadow

 Wing your eyes with black eyeliner

 Black eyeliner to your lower lashline & finish off with falsies

Here are a few photos of the finished look. This is the first time we tried photos on my new camera. Can you tell our excitement? haha. Try this look yourself!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Struggling with Chapped Lips?

Chapped lips seemed to creep up on me when I got back from Vacation. I went from 80 degree to 35 degree weather. I can use multiple layers of chapstick, but it doesn't seem to be enough for me. My best solution was exfoliating that dead skin.

I use the sugar lip scrub from Senna Cosmetics. Its removes the dead skin while conditioning your lips at the same time.

 I scoop a pea size amount and rub the scrub back and forth on my lips. I don't mind the scent or taste. Smells sweet and taste like sugar!

 I wiped the scrub off with a wash cloth and ta-da! Instant Happy Lips :)

Senna Cosmetics had a promotion giving out a free lip scrub with any $50 purchase. Looks like they're sold old, but no worries! You can create your own lip scrub. Simply mix a small concoction of
-tiny plash of olive oil

No more excuses for dry chappy lips! Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Philippines Meet & Greet!

I Love the Philippines. Everyone are so polite, friendly, and hospitable. This has been the best Philippines trip I've gone on :) I have to say part of the reason is the meet and greet. I love meeting people who share the same interest as me. It was on overall great experience. 

Dinner took place at Sumo Sam, a Japanese restaurant at the TriNoma Mall. The food was delicious! I hope everyone enjoyed their meals :) We ordered a few sushi platters, veggies, salads, fried rice. It was just perfect. 

The whole point of the meet and greet is to get to know my viewers. A lot of these girls (and guy) are very talented. Amongst the crowd were singers, chefs, writers, entrepreneurs, and of course makeup artist :) Below I will include links of their youtube channels and blogs if you're interested.  

I had the most incredible time at the meet and greet. Thank you to everyone who came out :)

Enjoy some photos!

Supposidly Benji looks a lot like this Filipino star. LoL.

Huge thank you to my family for supporting and coming with me to the meet and greet :) We were in traffic for an hour and a half just to get there, but they didn't complain at all :) Kuya Randy, you're the best! Thank you Ced for taking photos and videos! And a special Thank you to Benji for helping me set up this meet and greet. <3

People were so sweet enough to give us gifts! I wasn't expecting this whatsoever. View the video below of the gift opening :)

Lindsay -
Sheena -
Dennis -
Trixie -
Patricia -
Mary -
Kristina -
Arianne -
Jeannebelle -
Michelle -
Breezie -
Drizzle -
Marichel -
Marie -
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