Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loose Updo inspired by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad's loose updo was requested many times on my Facebook. Many celebrities have sported this similar look on red carpet events. This look may be a bit time consuming, but again well worth it! Here's my interpretation of the look.

What you'll need:
- hot rollers
- heat protectant
- bobbi pins
- hair spray
 First curl your hair with hot rollers

Once you remove the rollers, section your hair in half.

 Use your fingers to roll your hair up, then pin down.

 Here are the finished results!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a lil bit of Sparkle!

What I used...
- Urban Decay primer potion
- MAC reflects gold glitter
- MAC fix + 
- E.L.F. liquid eyeliner
-Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Selena Gomez inspired Side Ponytail

Selena Gomez has beautiful thick hair, and a great sense of style when it comes to hair. She has been sporting the voluminous side ponytail for awhile now. You can recreate her look even if you lack her gorgeous thick locks! Here is what you'll need:

- 1/2 inch curling iron
- Heat protectant
- hair spray
- hair tie
- rat tail comb/ teasing comb

Add heat protectant to your hair

Curl your hair with a curling iron. Interchange the direction of each curl

Apply dry shampoo to add texture

Tease the hair around the crown and temples

Your hair should look voluminous like this

Put your hair to a side ponytail, then lift your hair to your desired volume with a rat tail comb

Pull out some strands of hair, and there ya have it. A Selena Gomez inspired side ponytail!

Feel free to re-create this look yourself and post your video response to the video below, or even post a photo of the look on my facebook :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Underarms/ Armpits

I know this is an odd subject, and maybe even embarrassing to some, however my armpits seem to strike up a conversation through my video comments:

I wish I can tell you what it is I do to keep my underarms so clean, but I guess you can say its what I don't do. Surfing the net, I found that most women suffer dark underarms due to harsh deodorant and shaving. I don't use deodorant, nor do I shave. I know, sounds weird, but I guess I was blessed to not have body odor and thick hair! I have very thin, few hairs under my arms that I just leave them. Sounds sick right? haha

If you are suffering from dark underarms there are a few remedies you might want to try. Try rubbing lemon in circular motions after your shower. I hear some people may be allergic, so try a small amount at first. Another tip is papaya soap. I remember papaya soap was sold all over Philippines. Many Filipinos love to have that white skin ;) You should also try exfoliating under the arms every time you shower. You can find loofah's for only $1. Here is an article I found on the web that may be helpful as well. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seahawks, I'm rootin for ya!

Here is a makeup tutorial in honor of the Seahawks making it to the playoffs! They may be the underdogs, but I still have faith in them :)

What I used:
Urban Decay primer potion
NYX jumbo pencil in "lime"
BH 120 3rd edition palette
black gel liner
L'oreal voluminous mascara
MAC "peaches" blush
Physicians formula bronzer 
L'oreal "thistle" infallible never fail lip color
Maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation "pure beige"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Instant Long Locks for Special Occasions

Short hair gals, don't you want to switch it up every now and then? Heres a quick trick to getting those long gorgeous locks, hair extensions! I received these Jessica Simpson Hair-do hair extensions awhile back from

My friend Michelle was the perfect candidate for the extensions. She had long hair in the past, but hated the maintenance of it. It took a good 1 minute to to clip them on. Here's the process:

Step 1: Curl your natural hair. Use a 1'' curling iron or flat iron.

 Step 2: Clip up the top section of your hair

 The extensions have six clips

 Step 3: Clip on your extensions

 Step 4: Release the top section of hair, and allow it to blend in

 Michelle: "Wow, that was fast!"

 at the end of the clip you'll see my girls and I goofin off ;)

I highly recommend these extensions if you're looking for some instant long locks on a special occasion. They're easy to put on, and stays on nice and secure all day. You'll even see Michelle rockin out with it towards the end of the video, lol. The price is decent compared to most hair extensions. The Jessica Simpson hair-do hair extensions run for $99, but are currently on sale (as of Jan.5th, 2010) for $79.95 plus free shipping on  

*Disclaimer: These hair extensions were sent to me for free. I am not getting paid for promoting this. This is all my honest thoughts and opinions.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Natural Makeup for the Work Place

At the office, you want to look awake and fresh, without overdoing it with too much makeup! Here i'll show you a natural looking makeup tutorial using cosmetics you can find at your local drugstore.

For this tutorial, I used a few high end cosmetics, but 
mainly drugstore.

- Urban Decay primer potion (prevents eyeshadow from creasing)
- L'oreal quad in Landscape
- L'oreal Voluminous black mascara
- L'oreal true match blush in precious peach 
-Maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation in pure beige
- Wet N Wild megalast lipcolor in 902C
- Clinique superbalm in Lilac
- Eve Pearl salmon concealer
You don't have to dish out a lot of money for good makeup! Also keep your eye on out drugstore sales. I read our rite aid weekly to make sure I'm getting the best deal. Just the other day I bought a bunch of L'oreal makeup buy one get one half off. I took advantage of that one!

Try this natural makeup look for yourself at work tomorrow. Remember to add some color every now and then. Maybe try some plum, or red lips on Fridays!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Loreal Infallible Never Fail Lip colour Experiment/Review

There is nothing I despise more than makeup touch-ups. I've gone through plenty of long last lipsticks, but the winner goes to Loreal Paris' Infallible Never Fail Lip Colours! The color I have is in Beyonce Red. After trying this one, i'm going back for more colors :) Here is a day's experiment using the lipstick.

This is my first time trying the lipstick. Can you tell how excited I was. hehe

I recommend you exfoliate your lips before applying the lipstick. You can exfoliate by rubbing a mixture of sugar and honey to your lips. Exfoliating will create a smooth surface for the lipstick.

10:00AM - lipstick just applied

1:00PM - After lunch. I had an artichoke and chicken salad. The dressing was artichoke oil.

11:00PM - End of the day, after dinner

Here is a close up of the above shot. For the most part, the lipstick hung on! There was some chipping in the outer corners.
I recommend this product if you're looking for a long last lipstick. This retails for $8.50 at Walmart.


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