Friday, May 28, 2010

Cute Spring-do with Braided Buns

When I see this hair style the first thing that comes to mind is CUTE!!!! As if braids couldn't get any cuter! Try this quick updo yourself. I got my fringe from  They are the bangs by Jessica Simpson in color R4.

What you'll need:
- two elastic hair ties ( You can find a pack of them at the dollar store)
- a few bobbi pins
- headband (optional)
- faux fringe, or bangs to give some extra umph!

How to achieve this look:
STEP 1: Curl your hair

STEP 2: Section your hair in two and braid.

STEP 3: Twist your braids into a bun, allowing the ends to fall below

STEP 4: Bobbi pin the bun behind your ears.

STEP 5: Accessorize with a head band, or even a faux fringe :D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beauty Queen Pageant Hair

Back in the day my mom and I watched beauty pageants together like Miss USA and Miss Universe. My mom was hardcore, in that she kept track of the scores and all! One thing I've noticed about beauty pageants are the beautiful hair.... beautiful, bouncy hair! 

So heres a quick lil tutorial on how to achieve that big and beautiful beauty queen hair!

What you'll need:
- One and half inch hot rollers
- Teasing comb
- Working Spray/ Hairspray/ Dry shampoo

Just follow these quick and easy steps:
STEP 1. Apply your hot rollers to your hair. Curl each strand outwards, away from the face.

STEP 2. Allow your rollers to cool down. Give it about 15 minutes. Usually I apply makeup during this time.

STEP 3. Take down your rollers and brush through the curls.

STEP 4. Tease your crown to add some volume.

STEP 5. Finish off the look with maximum hold hairspray.

STEP 6. Strut your stuff like the beauty queen that you are!

The contacts I received from awhile back. I tried lookin for them on the site, but couldn't find them! They're purple lenses.

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