Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thrifty Jewelry Organizers

I've been stashing all my jewelry in boxes the past few years. The outcome? Tangled up and necklaces and misplaced earrings!! UGHHH the frustration! So I decided to search the web for some organizers. OMG the cheapest product I found was a earring holder, which was a piece of plastic with holes in it costing $24. I was so desperate that I ended up buying it. When it finally arrived, it was smaller than I expected and didn't even hold half my earrings.

I decided to make my own earring holder with the materials I had at home. All I used was a shoe box lid, and a pair of fishnet pantyhose that I wore once last halloween. No worries ladies, these were clean ;) All I did was cut off the legs, and slid the box lid into the pantyhose. I did two layers. The outcome...


This diy earring holder saved me lots of money, so I figured some one out there would like to save some money too :) Heres a quick tutorial on the second earring holder I made, this time using regular black pantyhose.

Looking for more affordable jewelry organization ideas? I've got the solution, Second hand stores!!! I went to Value Village looking for items to store my bracelets and necklaces. Check out what I found...

I believe this item is a towel holder. You know, the ones that you place your hand towels in the bathroom! I just hang my necklaces on the rings and it holds up great. I was especially excited to find this guy cause.. look!!! Only $1.99!

Then I found this one close by. I'm not even sure what this is exactly. Maybe is is meant for bracelets? Anyone know? But there were several of these at the store. Again, only $1.99

So the moral of the story is... There are always great finds at the second hand stores! lol

Washingtonians, Help Haiti!

My friend Paka is organizing a fund raiser event for the victims in Haiti. Its a semi-formal event taking place at Thomas Jefferson High School in Federal Way. You can buy your tickets at the door for only $7. This non-profit event includes performances from local artists, yummy food, and also door prizes! Donations are always welcome. All proceeds go to relief efforts in Haiti. So if you're available on Friday, March 12th, please come and support for the victims of Haiti.

What: Help Haiti Fund Raiser

Where: Thomas Jefferson High School, Federal Way

When: Friday, March 12th 2010

Why: Help Haiti!!!
Cost: only $7
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